Dear Nike, can you please fix your Nike+ running app?

Dear Nike people, I hope you will read this. I’m an regular runner, and a big fan of your Nike+ app. I used it on my first Ipod, and am now using it on my Iphone. Lately I’m dissapointed, what you are doing with the app, so here are my polite requests of what you should do with your app. I hope you will upgrade your app the right way, so that we all can enjoy your app even more. And yes, because of the app, I do buy more Nike running equipment. All my running clothes and shoes, and the running belt, and the water bottle, and the hat, they are all from you.

1. Elevation. My phone knows how to measure elevation. Other apps know it. I run up and down hills, and your app ignores that and pretends it is all just a flat surface. I would like to track my progress when I push up the hills. And running up the hill is really important. The more hills I do, the faster I will be. Can you help me?
2. Why are the congratulations that I hear at the end of the run so random? And so repetitive? Seriously, I’m making a running streak, and no one notices that (in your app), but when I went out two days in the row in the past, I heard “Great streak”. Why? Please record more people, and make the app know what I’ve done.
3. Can you please let me import pre-programed trainings. Like a voice that tells me “sprint now, for 1 minute”. And then “you can relax now for 500 meters”. Other apps have it, and you not. I would like to run fast, and have someone support my running while I run.
4. Why can’t I change the settings on what do I hear every kilometer. I know there are some things I can change, but I would like to have the full control. Can I, please?
5. I would like to publicly share my runs. To post to Facebook all the info about a run, that is gathered in my Nike+ account. Why can’t I?
6. And sometimes I would like the app to pause my run, when I stop. Because I don’t really want all the traffic lights to influence my average speed. And there are a lot of traffic lights on my regular route.
7. Sometimes I take pictures while I run. Can you please let me add those pictures to my runs, so that when the app shares those runs on Facebook, I would like it to show the photos too.

And while you listen, let me make big wishes:
Add 1) I would like to import runs that other did, and have your app tell me where to run. Yes, point to point directions. “Now turn right”. That would be great. I could follow interesting routes that other people run.

I know, no one from Nike is going to read this. But. Maybe I get an answer from Nike?

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